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We are always looking for participants for our projects on speech perception, aging, and hearing loss.  For many projects, we seek young adults with normal hearing; for other projects we seek older adults with either normal hearing or hearing loss.  We also have projects that examine speech understanding performance of hearing-impaired adults who wear hearing aids. To see if you qualify for a specific study, please see the below opportunities.

Neuroplasticity and Auditory Aging

The purpose of the study is to develop an effective training program to improve speech understanding in challenging listening situations experienced by older people. We are currently looking for adults with the following characteristics:

  • Age: Young adults and older adults

  • Participant Hearing: normal hearing or hearing loss

  • Time Commitment: approximately 20 hours

The study will involve preliminary testing, the training protocol, and post-training testing. To sign up for an assessment to see if you qualify,contact our Human Subjects Reserach Coordinator: Ms. Carol Gorham; phone: 301-405-4236, email: cgorham@umd.edu

Auditory temporal processes, speech perception and aging

This project examines younger and older listeners' ability to understand speech that features altered timing.  The current projects specifically examine perception of Spanish-accented English.  We are currently looking for adults with the following characteristics: 

  • Age: 18-40 years and 65-80 years

  • Participant Hearing: normal hearing or hearing loss (mild-to-moderate hearing loss)

  • Must be a monolingual native speaker of American English

  • Time Commitment: Varies depending on the study, please call or email for more information

  • Reimbursement: $12/hour

Contact Lab Personnel: Rebecca Bieber, Anna Tinnemore, and Kelsey Oppler; e-mail address: hearingresearch@umd.edu or (301) 405-7454

Functional Hearing Evaluation for Military Occupational Specialties

This project assesses the functional performance of normal-hearing and hearing-impaired individuals in real-world settings. Participants will be tested in groups of 3 to 4 in a noisy setting on or around campus. We are currently seeking adult participants with the following characteristics:

  • Age: 18-45 years

  • Participant Hearing: Normal hearing or hearing impaired

  • Time Commitment: 2-2.5 hours, scheduled in 1-2 sessions

  • Reimbursement: $10/hour


Contact lab personnel: Calli Yancey; email address: UMDhearing@gmail.com or (301) 405-7454